Discover May’s activities at Finca Terrerito on our blog, where everything we do is focused on Improving Lives, Sustainability and the production of Extraordinary Coffee!

Discover May’s activities at Finca Terrerito on our blog, where everything we do is focused on Improving Lives, Sustainability and the production of Extraordinary Coffee!

Celebrating Labor Day!

We proudly recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of each and every one of our employees. This special day began with acknowledgments and congratulations to each area of Finca Terrerito. We kicked off with exciting games, including coffee sack races, knife-sharpening competitions, and sugarcane peeling contests, awarding prizes to the winners. We culminated the celebration with a delicious gathering, savoring fresh tamales and a special cake honoring our employees. Beyond the festivities, this day served as a reminder of the significance of labor and the vital role each employee plays in Finca Terrerito’s success. Every task, no matter how small, contributes substantially to Finca Terrerito’s operation and growth. Labor Day was a memorable and joyous occasion, filled with gratitude, camaraderie, and appreciation. Thank you to all our employees for your tireless work and dedication!

Image of people with hoe People with farm shirt two workers with shirts Workers drinking fresh

Mother’s Day Celebration!

At the heart of Finca Terrerito, where family is everything, we honored Mother's Day with deep gratitude and love for our dear mothers. They are the soul of our community, tirelessly working day after day for the well-being of their families. To bring smiles to our mothers' faces, we delivered thoughtful packages filled with love and care. Each bundle was carefully prepared, ensuring every mother felt the appreciation and affection.

As coffee roasters, you understand the value of community and the importance of supporting those who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Our mothers are the backbone of our farm, and we're committed to honoring and valuing them not just on their special day, but every day of the year. Thank you, mothers, for being the light and engine of Finca Terrerito & community!

landscape and a motorcycle taxi two people giving giftsmother's day photo gift giving

Teaching Agriculture & Livestock Practices: A Transformative Experience!

We were honored to host students from Instituto Copán Galel, the only high school in Corquin Copan, closest town to us.  These students are passionate about Agriculture/Livestock Development. We provided hands-on training that immersed them in the care of our livestock, including our coffee farm's bovine and equine friends. From preventive maintenance to nutritional block production, each activity offered a chance to learn by doing. What an experience! The young learners not only gained practical knowledge but also delved into the heart of sustainable agriculture. The result? An unforgettable lesson on how every action, no matter how small, can contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

Just like a perfectly roasted coffee bean, every interaction, every learning moment, is an opportunity to build a better future, improving lives for generations to come. We're committed to making a positive impact with every step, and these young individuals are living proof that knowledge and action go hand-in-hand in creating a better world!

young people in a training young people taking notes and paying attention

 cattle talk to young people students with nutritional blocks made

 Transforming Lives in El Caltatato: The Impact of Clean Water

In 2023 we partnered with the Matiak Foundation to bring water to rural villages. Our first project was in the town of El Caltatato, the village less than 2km down the road from Finca Terrerito. Families faced a dire situation: unsafe water at home, forcing them to buy bottled water or travel to access somewhat cleaner water. This not only posed a significant economic burden but also risked their health. The Matiak Foundation and Finca Terrerito joined forces to implement a clean water project, transforming lives immediately! We broke ground on the well in October 2023, and completed it in April 2024.

 construction of a water well construction of a water well

 people filling water bottles  children playing with water

Sixty families, approximately 300 people, including 60 children, now have access to clean water without cost, significantly improving their quality of life. Clean water availability has not only improved living conditions but also attracted more families to the community, contributing to its growth. Our long-term goal is to bring clean water directly to each home. This achievement was made possible by the dedication and support of everyone involved, including all direct trade roasting partners. We remain committed to our communities' well-being, seeking new ways to improve their living conditions and ensure a brighter future. The impact of this project is a testament to the power of collaboration and determination. Together, we've transformed lives and built a solid foundation for sustainable development in this village.

Finca Terrerito Farming Report!

In May we typically get heavy rains and that has not happened this year! We've lost some flower buds due to drought, which prevented them from blooming. The lack of rain has also delayed our fertilizing schedule as we time those with the rains to increase nutrition absorption. In the meantime, we are pushing through with our yearly maintenance program of weed control, controlling shade levels, building and reinforcing soil terraces to prevent soil erosion.

day laborer working photo of the farm being cleaned

 coffee branch photo of the farm being cleaned


In our April Blog, (Read here,  we talked about our water irrigation project, that we have been working on for the past 4 years. In quick summary, it will allow us to use our captured rainwater to control water distribution to the farm. In May we are continuing to install those pipes into a section of recently planted coffee trees to measure the impact of drip irrigation vs no irrigation. We will keep you posted on the results.

Although we have not had the rains May usually brings, the forecast calls for an extreme, heavy hurricane season which will bring a lot of rain this summer. This will complicate shipping coffee from out of the mountains due to flooding and landslides that may block the roads and bridges. With this curveball in logistics, please reach out to us if you have yet to make a contract so Harry and the rest of the team can ensure we have your coffee stateside when you need it. At this point in time, all the different processes and coffee options have been brought up to the US, if you would like samples, please request them at the bottom of our website( or email We are expecting to sell out again this year of all of our washed coffee, please reach out to Harry to chat contracting to make sure we reserve the proper volumes for you.


Our Goals for the Summer

We are currently looking to raise funds to help construct the following for the school:

$23,500.00 for a school kitchen and dining area where we provide free meals for the students.

$14,000.00 to put a much-needed fence around the school for the safety of the children.

If you can donate, no amount is too small, please visit  Your donation is fully tax deductible.  You can email the foundation directly at and/or Harry ( or Al ( to talk about the impact your support will make. 












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